Bellas Frosty Paws

Do I look like a guinea pig???
Bark, bark, bark...ooops sorry...someone walked by our house and I had to meet and greet. This is the first recipe I was a guinea pig for.  It's a frozen concoction. We used to buy Frosty Paws (a frozen doggy treat) in the frozen section of the supermarket. It's a little pricey, but man I love them....I guess since I eat them so much jacquie decided to make them hence the 'guinea pig' status...Before trying any of these recipes make sure to check with your veterinarian...your puppy may have special needs.
Bellas Frosty Paws
4 cups of plain low-fat yogurt
2Tbsp. of raw honey (optional)
1 sliced banana
Mix all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Use small paper cups or ice cube trays or a favorite mold and pour ingredients in and freeze. Jacquie and Doug usually only let me have a 1/4 of these at a time so I don't get a brain freeze or anything. If you'd like you can add pureed chicken, pureed apple, or a tsp. of peanut butter for a special treat! Keep these chilled in the freezer 'til ready to eat.

These are especially to my liking in the gets so hot here in California and with my lovely long hair I need to cool off once in a while.

DID YOU KNOW..................
Yogurt is very good for dogs, it aids in sure to take your baby dogs for lots of walks.

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